Rev Up Your Wellness

The 10-Day Rev Up is a unique and enjoyable Weight Management Program that offers an interactive experience like no other.

Our coaches are here to help you every step of the way! We provide a step-by-step Training Guide, Daily Check-Ins, Live Interaction, and Q&A so you can learn and improve your healthy habits in 10 days. We even have fun prizes to keep you motivated! With our organized system and caring mentorship, you have a 100% chance of success!

Our fee for this coaching program is $67 a month.  

Additional discounts and FREE TUITION is available for current active clients, new clients, and sponsor's clients.  Fill out this form to see if you qualify!

NOTE: If you are part of the Starr Health Organization or if you ordered your supplies through the SUPPLY LIST button below your tuition is FREE courtesy of Starr Health.

The survey form takes 5 minutes to fill out.  We will contact you via email within 3 days to verify there is room in our next monthly program if you qualify for FREE tuition and your next steps to finish your registration.


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