Loyalty Rewards just got simplified!

Beginning June 1, Young Living is simplifying our monthly subscription and rewards programs by bringing them under the same familiar name — Loyalty Rewards!  This will make it easier than ever to manage your monthly orders and get all of the incredible perks.

Here’s everything you need to know:
  • Reward points will now be referred to as Loyalty Points, and subscription orders will be called Loyalty Orders.
  • Loyalty orders will process each month instead of every one, two, or three months.
  • You’ll be able to add items on your loyalty order to Saved for Later, rather than having to skip them.
  • All items set for two or three months will be automatically moved to the Saved for Later section in the My Loyalty Order tab in your account manager—no action required!
  • Loyalty orders unlock the 24 percent discount regardless of PV amount, and 50+ PV earns points and gifts just like today!
Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50
protect your skin without the harsh chemicals

LavaDerm After-Sun Spray
instant relief for sunburns and bug bites

NingXia Zyng
our go-to drink for summer beach days



10 Bonus Loyalty Rewards Points


KidScents Owie, 5 ml



Stress Away, 5 ml


Citrus Fresh Vitality, 5 ml



Citronella, 5 ml


Viya Car Diffuser



Super Vitamin D


LavaDerm After-Sun Spray

*Bonus gifts for qualifying Loyalty Orders

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Event Name 
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