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Can Zyto Insights help YOU?

I’m not here to make lofty claims, but the way Zyto Insights pin points your body systems that are out of balance and offers you direction… my guess would be yes.  

Here’s my friends story:
Ever since I was little the fist sign I was getting sick started with a sensitivity with my skin.  A raw feeling that would go away within the day as the bug ran its course. 

My last dip in wellness started as usual.  The only difference is it came and didn’t leave.  My skin went from sensitive to almost unbearable nerve pain.  I was trying all I could think of for my nerve support (various oils and creams known to support the nervous system) with no relief.  This went on for 4 days!  It was difficult to do or focus on anything.     

In this 4 days I was still learning more and more about this new Zyto Insights I had purchased.  I learned you’re supposed to speak about yourself during the 10 seconds, which previously I wasn’t.  So I rescanned.  The first thing that popped up was Petigrain
I thought this was interesting I have it, but it never crossed my mind.  
I instantly referenced the oil and sure enough it offers balance to nerve impulses!   

I immediately grabbed it applied and within an hour I was already feeling better.  Able to move without the shreded nerve feeling every time my clothing moved across my skin! 
Incidently my mind began to clear …. I was finally on the mend! HALLELUJAH!!!  

Now that my brain was working again I knew I needed to share this!

What’s The Process?

1st Step: 
Voice Analysis

As with the other research listed above Voice Analysis measures the frequency and vibration of your voice to pick up intel about what is happening with your body.
2nd Step: 
Kinetic Touch

Kinetic touch is necessary as it measures the brain activity and response time. 
3rd Step:  
We create a plan unique to your needs.

Together this patented technology measures the uniqueness of your system’s imbalances against the frequencies of trusted products that aim to restore balance. 
When you book your scan with me, 
you will receive:

  30 min consult to address
your results, needs and concerns!

You receive your results via email.

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Information courtesy of Lisa Jock